Resources for Existing and Previous Impressive CVs Clients - Est. 2003

On this page you will find details of services for existing Impressive CVs clients as well as a range of downloadable resources to help you with your jobsearch. You can also use this page to find out more about some of Impressive CVs services which you may not have been aware of. If you would like further information on any of the services we can provide, including anything which is not listed on this website please contact us.

Please also note that we now have a new FREEPHONE number (0800 772 0939) although we can still be reached on 0870 420 5494 - 9am until 6pm, Mon - Fri

Services for Existing and Previous Clients

CV Updates

We can update your existing CV or tailor it for a specific role. The cost of the service is dependant on the amount of information which needs to be added to your CV but as a guide price you can expect to pay approximately 30% of the original cost of your CV.

Please send your CV and details of information to be added and target role to for a comprehensive quote

Cover Letters / Update of an existing Cover Letter / Speculative and Specific Cover Letters

We can update your existing Cover Letter, just contact us with the information and we will provide you with a quotation. We can also produce a new Speculative Cover Letter, please contact us if you would like this service as we may be able to provide you with a discount. We can also produce a Specfic Cover Letter that is tailored for a particular role. This service costs £40. There is a £10 discount for Cover Letters if booked at the same time as the CV.  Just contact us for details. 

To order send details of your target role to

Job Applications and Personal Statements

We can provide professional help with Job Application Forms and produce Personal Statements for any application. The cost of the service is dependant on the number of words we need to produce.

Please send your CV and details of information to be added and target role to for a comprehensive quote


Job Application Manager - This handy Excel spreadsheet enables you to keep track of up to 200 job applications and includes features for recording; Recruiter contact information, job advert details, details of which version of your CV you sent as well as the progress of your job application and much more (requires Microsoft Excel to be installed on your PC)

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