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The purpose of a Cover Letter is to add a personal touch by introducing you as an individual. A good Cover Letter should highlight your core skills and experience. It should generate enough interest for them to want to read your CV. There are two basic types of Cover Letter, one for use if you are making a direct or targeted application and another for use if you are making a speculative application. We are experienced in producing both of these types of Cover Letter and we will be happy to prepare any variation of Covering Letter you require.

Our Consultants are highly skilled in the production of Covering Letters which assist you to explain your reasons for applying for the role and why your application should be considered above others. We can help you to draw attention to why you are the perfect candidate.

Clients get a £10 discount for all Cover Letters that are ordered at the same time as any of our CV Writing or Re-formatting Services

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Cover Letter Types

Speculative / General Cover Letters - £30.00 (£20 with our client discount)

These are prepared when you are writing to a company to establish what opportunities may exist for someone with your skills. We provide speculative Cover Letters that are designed for the utmost effect whenever they are sent. We can provide a General Cover Letter to introduce you to employers (this type of letter can be used when applying for various different types of vacancy).

Role Specific / Targeted Cover Letters - £40.00 (£30 with our client discount)

This type of Cover Letter is prepared taking into account the background and skill set required for a specific vacancy and is more expensive as it will take longer to prepare. We will require a copy of your CV, details of the job (or type of job) that you are aiming for and any other information that you think might assist us. We ask for this information so that we can ensure your Cover Letter is targeted to the right level, using relevant keywords and is as co-ordinated with your application as possible.

We offer a £10 discount for all Cover Letters that are ordered at the same time as our CV Writing or Re-formatting Services

*Please note that we allow a maximum length of 450 words for Cover Letters - Anything above this will be classed as a Personal / Supporting Statement and charged for accordingly

How The Service Works

Please submit all relevant background information (such as your CV and details of the role / type of role you are aiming for) after placing your order. If required, we will contact you for a short consultation; we will then look at the best way to approach your letter before producing a draft version; you will have the option to make any changes that you would like. Only when you are 100% happy with the result we will send you final copies of your Cover Letter by email.

We can also print your Covering Letter for you on your choice of 'Conqueror' paper, please call for a quotation.

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