The Impressive CVs Guide To Vital CV Sections You Should Include

Knowing what to include in a CV can be difficult. There is a lot of conflicting advice out there. We know what employers and ATS software are looking for. In our 14 years’ experience, we have found that the following layout is most effective.

Other CV Writing companies may persuade you that they are not essential. It could be they lack the skills to write the more challenging sections such as the Achievements section. 

You should include the following sections:

Personal Details – Include your geographical area, mobile number, email and LinkedIn address

Profile – Create a clear, concise Profile that includes details of your main skills and target role

Key Skills / Core Competencies – Outline your main skills, including those relevant to the role

Achievements – Demonstrate the impact that you have made professionally, personally or academically, show why you should be invited for interview

Career History – Outline your main duties, your responsibilities and experience, most recent first is usual. We advise using bullet points to make this section clear and easy to follow

Education – Clearly display your qualifications including any relevant academic certifications

Training – Summarise any relevant credentials and training that you have received

Voluntary Work / Professional Memberships – Show any relevant or transferable voluntary activities and display any relevant Professional Memberships

All of these sections are vital for an employer to be able to assess the document. That is why when we produce a CV you will have a document that contains that right blend for you, as standard. This is also why we advise if you are trying to write your own CV that you should include these vital sections too.

Just to recap on advice we have given in our other articles

1.    Ensure that you provide the information that employers require, remain relevant and  keep the readers interest. This is one of the main reasons why the 2-page limit is important.

2.    Ensure that you provide a targeted CV that will allow an employer to easily see your suitability for the role.

3.    Ensure that you check, check and check again your spelling and punctuation within a CV

4.    Ensure that you use relevant keywords and explain any key terms.

5.   Ensure that your formatting is clear, professional and easy to follow.

Written and researched by Rachel, Professional CV Consultant with Impressive CVs. We provide all CV and related services and have 14 years’ experience in helping people like you move forward in your career. You can call us on 0800 772 0939 for a confidential discussion about how we can help you. Alternatively, if you would like a Free, professional review of your CV please call 0800 772 0939.