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Not sure how well you are performing at interview? Not getting any feedback?

Our Mock interview service gives you the chance to test out your interview skills and receive feedback from an experienced interviewer. We can tailor the mock interview to match the type of interview you are likely to face and have helped a wide range of clients from graduates to senior managers to prepare effectively for interview.

Mock interviews can be conducted by telephone or Skype. We can tailor the mock interview to match the type of interview you are likely to face and our experienced Interview Consultants can help you to review your interview performance in a realistic environment, allowing you to identify key areas in which you need to develop your skills.

How The Service Works

Each session lasts for 1 hour. We will start by asking you a series of interview questions, tailored as closely as possible to the type of interview you are likely to face. We will then provide you with honest, structured feedback on your interview technique including;

  • How well you listened to the interview questions
  • If you understood the questions being asked
  • How well you answered the questions
  • If you interacted appropriately with the interviewer
  • How well you explained your skills and experience
  • If you highlighted your relevant skills to the position
  • Your overall performance and successes
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