Impressive CVs Terms & Conditions of Service

"website" - and / or  

"We/Us" - Impressive CVs as a trading entity, or any of its employees.

"Management/The Management" - A member of the Impressive CVs Senior Management Team.

"Customer/Client/You/Your" - An individual who consents to place an order for any of the services listed on the website.

"Appointment" - Consultation or meeting during which we provide advice guidance or record information required to carry out your order.

“CV/Services” – Writing, editing and formatting of a CV, Cover Letter, Application Form, Personal Statement, Interview Questions or any other documentation commissioned by the client.

Terms & Conditions of Service
We reserve the right to change these terms, conditions and our prices at any time and without prior notice.

(Please note that the terms and conditions set out below only apply to the services advertised directly on the website Please see third party websites for terms and conditions pertaining to services provided by Impressive CVs as part of a Strategic Partnership or referral scheme).

All documents are produced in United Kingdom English.

By using our services you agree to indemnify and hold Impressive CVs free from any losses, liabilities and expenses (including legal fees) resulting from use of products and services and advice offered via the website, any printed material originally produced by Impressive CVs or any verbal advice or instruction provided by an employee of Impressive CVs.

Indemnity extends to any breach of the terms and conditions, or uploading/downloading/reproduction of contents/data from this site or any third party site or any other online service.

Impressive CVs Liability
Impressive CVs shall not be held liable for the failure of the Client in obtaining any position, occupation, promotion or achieving any other career objective. Impressive CVs shall not be liable for any indirect or consequential loss. Impressive CVs shall not be liable for any warranty or representation not expressly provided in this agreement.

All fees must be paid in full in advance
. Impressive CVs retains the right not to start work on your assignment until payment in full for the services required has been received. We also reserve the right not to release any draft documents until we have received notification of cleared payment.

Use of EPDQ
Use of online payment via our link to our Barclays EPDQ system or by ordering on the website, or by telephone order, to pay for your goods and services is done strictly at your own risk. Impressive CVs accept no responsibility for any misuse of your Credit / Debit Card, Bank Account or other means of payment arising as a result of using this service.

Use of PayPal
We do NOT accept payment by PayPal under any circumstances and take no responsibility for any monies lost or costs incurred as a result of attempting to make payment to Impressive CVs by PayPal.

Payments Not Honoured
If, for any reason, your online payment/cheque/credit or debit card payment is not honoured by your bank/card issuer then the following conditions will apply to your order:

An invoice will be dispatched to you requesting payment for the full amount; you must send payment (as detailed on the invoice) in full within 7 days from the date on the invoice. If payment is not received within 7 days from the date on the invoice an additional charge of £30 will be added to your account to cover administrative costs.

In such cases we reserve the right to send details of your debt to our Accountants/Debt Collection Agents to pursue the debt through the English Courts of Law.

Payment by Instalments
Payments can be spread over a maximum of 3 months, solely at the discretion of Impressive CVs management. Instalment payments can only be accepted by Credit/Debit card and must be scheduled through our Barclays EPDQ system prior to commencement of Professional Services.

This service is subject to an Administration Fee of 10% of the service value (at the discretion of the management). Such payments can only be scheduled online and are subject to the terms and conditions listed here, as well as the Impressive CVs Cancellation Policy and Barclays EPDQ systems terms and conditions.

An Instalment Plan will be agreed with you prior to scheduling of payments, a copy of the plan will be sent to you by post and email (if requested).

You agree to repay the entire value and in the eventuality of a declined transaction we reserve the right to send details of your debt to our Accountants/Debt Collection Agents to pursue the debt through the English Courts of Law.

Turnaround Times
Draft copies of documents will normally be completed within 3 working days* of your consultation date unless otherwise stated . You will be notified if the preparation of your documents is likely to take significantly longer than this. (This does not apply to documents prepared using the Next-Day express service)

*Working days are Monday to Friday (excluding UK public holidays)

Next Day Express Service
Documents prepared using the Next-day express service are guaranteed to be completed and delivered by e-mail within 1 working day* of your consultation or confirmed receipt of your own documents and information. Postal deliveries will be made by the next available post after the 24 hour period has elapsed. (Subject to availability and payment in full in advance).

*Working days are Monday to Friday (excluding UK public holidays). Working hours are 9am to 5pm.

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Whilst we do not guarantee that you will receive an offer of employment or interview, all documents produced by Impressive CVs are covered by the 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, which states that: Impressive CVs will continue working on your documents (in accordance with our aftercare policy) until you are satisfied with the outcome. Provided that the following conditions are satisfied;

  1. You must allow your CV Consultant reasonable time to make alterations to your CV, the minimum turnaround time for updates and alterations is 1 working day*.
  2. You must allow sufficient time prior to any deadline for submission of a job application for which you intend to use document(s) which you have commissioned Impressive CVs to produce on your behalf in order to enable your CV Consultant to make any changes required. In such cases you must submit any alteration requests a minimum of 48 hours in advance of the deadline for an employment application for which you are intending to use the CV.
  3. When requested to do so by your CV Consultant, you must provide us with sufficient information to enable us to complete any alterations to your satisfaction. This particularly relates to information regarding specialist terms and techniques which may only be applicable in your industry sector.
  4. You must agree not to alter the draft yourself until you have allowed your CV Consultant to complete any revisions you have requested in accordance with the points above.


N.B. The 100% customer satisfaction guarantee only applies to versions of your CV commissioned during your CV consultation. A charge will be made for the preparation of extra versions of the CV. A charge will also be applied if you decide that you would like your CV targetted for another type of role or a different employment sector after your CV has already been completed to your original specifications.

In the event of a complaint please refer to our complaints procedure.

*Working days are Monday to Friday (excluding UK public holidays).


Refunds can only be issued using the exact means of payment by which your original purchase was made.

Cancellation of Debit / Credit Card(s) used to make payment: Failure to inform us that you have cancelled the Credit or Debit card which you originally used to make payment to Impressive CVs for producst or services provided may mean that we are unable to process any refund agreed.

Use of Apple I-Pad to view draft CV & Cover Letter documents

Please not that Microsoft Word is not fully supported on the I-Pad. This means that some formatting featured (such as bullet points) can not be displayed when viewing a Microsoft Word file. Editing Microsoft Word files on your I-Pad can also make them unusable when they are sent to recruiters. This is an Apple / Microsoft compatibility issue over which we have no control. We would therefore recommend viewing your Draft CV using a PC / Laptop with a full version of Microsoft Word installed.

Aftercare Policy
Within 28 days of the delivery of your draft documents we will make amendments as required at no extra charge until you are completely happy with your CV. Once you have approved the draft of your CV, or after this period has elapsed we reserve the right to charge an additional fee for any alterations.

Consultations form part of the service for which we charge, we may choose not to undertake your consultation until full payment has been received. Please also see Fees.

Telephone Consultations
All telephone consultations will be conducted using a fixed UK landline. If you are unable to provide a suitable UK Contact number then you may be required to contact us on our local rate telephone number (0870 420 5494) in order to conduct your consultation.

Draft Documents
Upon receipt of your draft document you are required to confirm receipt by email, telephone calls are accepted if you have no internet access. You must notify us of any changes required, giving reasonable time for us to complete your changes. Please refer to Aftercare Policy for details of timeframes allowed for the request of amendments to your draft documents. During the specified timeframe for each service we will revise your draft document to your satisfaction until you have accepted the final draft. Should you wish to change any details after acceptance of the final draft, additional charges may apply.

If no communication is received from you regarding amendments to your draft CV after 28 days then Impressive CVs will use the information we hold about you to prepare your final documents. The document will be dispatched and the order deemed closed.

Finished Documentation
Please see the relevant page(s) of our website for details of the finished product you will receive.

Electronic Copies of Documents
Whilst every attempt is made to check electronic documentation for viruses and bugs before copying to CD ROM or transmitting by email, it is your responsibility to ensure that your computer is adequately protected from viruses, bugs and trojan horses.

We cannot take responsibility for any computer compatibility issues you may experience with your individual PC with the exception of damaged or faulty discs. In the case of faulty Compact Discs: you may return faulty CD ROMS for replacement provided that you inform us within 28 days of any problems, otherwise it will be deemed that you have accepted the disc in its current condition.

Apple Macintosh users should contact us at the point of draft documentation stage so that we can arrange to have a suitable format copied to CD ROM.

We cannot accept any liability for late or non-delivery or damage of packages sent by us using UK postal services. Please allow at least 2 working days from date of dispatch before contacting us regarding non-delivery of your package. You should also make checks with your local postal sorting or delivery office to ensure that they are not holding the package on your behalf before contacting us. Replacement packages are only sent out at the Management's discretion.

Distance Selling Regulations
Impressive CVs services are included in the supply of services and personalised goods, as outlined in Distance Selling Regulations 13, "the consumer will not have the right to cancel the contract by giving notice of cancellation pursuant to regulation 10", 13:1A and 13:1C in respect of contracts for the supply of services if the performance of the contract has begun with the consumer's agreement; before the end of the cancellation period".

However, we do recognise that our clients can be affected by circumstances beyond their control and therefore offer a cancellation policy, that balances the cost of our administration costs, cancellation of consultants diary and research work undertaken, prior to a booking,:

If you cancel your order:

  1. Up to 4 working days prior to your appointment; 15% will be deducted from the refund.
  2. Up to 2 working days prior to your appointment; 25% will be deducted from the refund.
  3. Cancellation less than 1 working day prior to your appointment or after your appointment has taken place; 35% will be deducted from the refund.

Refunds due will be credited back to your card or bank account within 30 days of the cancellation of your order.

Should you find it necessary to make a complaint about any aspect of our Services, please submit your complaint in writing in the first instance to:

We will respond to your complaint within 5 working days.

We will use all reasonable endeavours to prevent the disclosure of any Confidential Information other than to persons who are employed or engaged by Impressive CVs or who have been authorised by the Client to receive such Confidential Information. All information submitted by you will be handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

We reserve the right to delegate our rights and obligations to third parties in order to provide Services to our Clients.

Our Obligations To You

Impressive CVs agrees to provide services to you with reasonable skill and care and in accordance with the Trems & Conditions stated above.


Your Obligations When Using Our Services

In consideration of the provision of the Services the Client agrees:

  • To make the Payments prior to receiving any Services from Impressive CVs
  • To co-operate with Impressive CVs Consultants by providing information requested
  • To follow the reasonable instructions of Impressive CVs relating to the service you have ordered
  • To utilise any material information provided in a proper manner and except with the written permission of Impressive CVs not to disclose, copy, divulge, reproduce, publish or in any way disseminate any supporting material or information to any third party or into the public domain for the purpose of pecuniary gain or otherwise
  • To keep any passwords supplied confidential
  • To attend appointments on time

Changing An Appointment
You are required to provide at least 24 hours notice to change an appointment. Less than 24 hours notice to change an appointment will be deemed to be a cancellation of the original appointment and no refund will be given (and a new appointment will have to be made, potentially incurring a new fee).

Arriving Late For Appointments
Clients are required to arrive on time for their appointments. Clients who arrive late for their appointments will only be entitled to the remainder of their appointment time.

Non-Attendance Of Appointments
In the case of non-attendance by the client the Management reserves the right to refuse a refund of fees already paid. If no fee has been paid the Management reserves the right to charge the full fee payable for the service.

Your Obligations When Submitting Information To Us
You warrant that the information submitted to us does not contain false or defamatory material, or that which infringes the copyright, trademark rights and intellectual rights of third parties or submit any information likely to damage Impressive CVs.

Impressive CVs cannot be held liable for any criminal proceedings which arise as a result of false or misleading information being included in your CV or any other documents prepared by Impressive CVs.


Change of address
Each of the parties shall give notice to the other of the change or acquisition of any postal address, telephone number or email address at the earliest possible opportunity but in any event within 48 hours of such change or acquisition.

Any notice to be served on either of the parties by the other shall be sent by electronic mail to the electronic mail address of the relevant party shown in the client records and shall be deemed to have been received by the addressee within 72 hours of e-mailing.

Non assignment by the Client
Neither this agreement nor any rights under it may be assigned or transferred by the Client.

Binding Nature
By placing an order for any of our services or by submitting personally related data you agree to be bound by our terms and conditions and privacy policy and agree that Impressive CVs may, in its sole discretion, disclose information about you in the circumstances and to the extent set out in our privacy policy.

Impressive CVs is a trading name of CVMC Global Ltd. Registered Office: Sophia House, 28 Cathedral Road, Cardiff, CF11 9LJ, United Kingdom. Registered in England and Wales No. 06266805