Impressive CVs Previous Client's Testimonials

My new CV was a vast improvement on what I had before; so much better that I expected. It was also great to deal with someone who understood the oil and gas industry. My expectations have been exceeded.

Posted by: D.F. (Procurement and Logistics Manager), East Yorkshire, 18 May 2013

It was worth the money to have my CV professionally done. Excellent.

Posted by: K.M. (Consultant - Change/Release Management and Business Process Improvement), London, 12 May 2013

My expectations were exceeded.

Posted by: H.D. (Managing Director and Repeat Customer), London, 8 May 2013

Good service. Understood requirements well.

Posted by: A.D. (Interpreter), Portugal, 8 May 2013

I was extremely pleased with your service; took a rather boring CV & managed to make me sound very employable. In addition, it was done quickly & with little need to change anything. The CV does, at least if you deal direct with companies rather than agencies, get you into an interview. As there seem to be about 90 plus people going for every job I have applied for it has tipped the balance in my favour. I'd like to say I have found employment, but as yet, I haven't- but that is down to me & not the CV. The Job Centre thought it was great as I signed on last week for the first time in 28 years !! I have recommended your service to a couple of friends that have also been made redundant recently.

Posted by: C.F. (Credit Controller), Oxfordshire, 28 April 2013

The process was excellent. Good value for money.

Posted by: J.J. (Regional Training Manager), Fife, 14 April 2013

Following a bad experience from another provider I was hesitant to commission another company but having done my own groundwork I found the process professional and with little feedback required. Due to a past experience, as it turned out the CV writer was from another country who didn't appreciate let alone know the geography and demographics of the UK (vital in my case), but I would have no hesitation to recommend Impressive CVs.

Posted by: M.R. (Consultant, Trainer and Manager), Midlothian8 March 2013

Once again, great service and finished product. (Repeat Customer)

Posted by: Anonymous, (Senior Executive), Turkey 23 February 2013

The process and finished product were very good. Good value for money.

Posted by: J.A. (Quantitative Analyst), London 24 January 2013

The finished product was very good, so much so that some recruiters commented on how much better my CV was compared to the old one.

Posted by: Anonymous, (Operations Manager - Insurance/Finance Sectors), Kent15 January 2013

Excellent service! Very helpful and professional.

Posted by: Anonymous, (Business, Management and Law Graduate), Sultanate of Oman 2 December 2012

I am currently in my 4th week of employment! I was at an interview three days after submitting my CV with an agency, and got the job. I couldn't believe how quickly it happened, especially in the current climate.

Posted by: Anonymous, (Senior Buyer),  Hertfordshire 1 December 2012

Due to technical issues, no testimonials were recorded between May and November 2012

 I had never thought my CV would look so much better, it has given me opportunities I had never thought I could have. Thank you Mel for making my CV great and writing a marvellous cover letter.

Posted by: Anonymous, (MSc Graduate), Kent 2012

 Tracey Whitmore was a most helpful and supportive individual. I would not hesitate to recommend your firm if Tracey is representative of the calibre of your employees.

Posted by: J.O. (Senior Executive), Surrey 22 April 2012

The process was excellent. Good value for money.

Posted by: L.D. (Global Technical Manager/Agronomist), Greece 22 April 2012

The finished product was good and the process excellent.

Posted by: L.B. (Field Service/Site Engineer), Stockport 22 April 2012

As great as ever. (Repeat customer)

Posted by: J.B. (Education and Social Care), Gloucestershire 22 April 2012

Very professional approach. Bilateral dialogue during resume creation. Taking into account the client's opinion. Cheaply. Thank you!

Posted by: Anonymous, (Software Engineer and Solutions Designer), Latvia1 March 2012

Impressive CVs is the only CV service to produce a CV that truly reflected the many and varied skills and achievements I have ascertained in a wide and varied environment over the course of 40 years. I was extremely impressed by the innovative approach adopted by Impressive CVs in putting my CV together. I am truly grateful.

Posted by: P.M. (Senior Executive), Wiltshire 27 February 2012

The process and finished product were both excellent, as was value for money.

Posted by: D.W. (Site Manager), Hertfordshire 16 February 2012

The process was excellent. My consultant was very helpful with all my questions and time taken to explain to me why certain things were not needed.

Posted by: C.P. (Graduate in Applied Business Management), London 15 November 2011

You understood my requirements very well and the finished product was excellent. Excellent value for money.

Posted by: Anonymous, (Senior Shift Commander in the Army), SouthWales 16 November 2011

Very helpful with all my questions and time was taken to explain to me why certain things were not needed.

Posted by: K.B. (Graduate in Applied Business Management), London 15 November 2011

As always, I was very pleased with the final updated CV. To get the best results involves a collaborative approach which Impressive CVs always encourage.

Posted by: A.N. (Board level Director), London 19 September 2011

You exceeded my expectations. Thank you.

Posted by: Anonymous, 19 September 2011

Impressive CVs make the process of developing and updating CVs so much easier. They provide a clear and professional CV seen from the eyes of an outsider which is important because employers are outsiders and the ones who will be interested in who you are. You still have buy in to the final product to get it how you want it.

Posted by: Anonymous, (Environmental Programme Manager), Australia 2 September 2011

Everything was excellent. I am very pleased with the advice and ideas I received from your advisor, Judy. She was very helpful and stimulating. Made me think about my CV and Personal Statement from an entirely different perspective. Thank you so much.

Posted by: S.G. (Support Worker), London 28 July 2011

So far your CV reconstruction got me 2 job interviews. I am sure there will be more to come. People at Impressive CVs were also happy to answer my job hunting questions that were irrelevant to their service.

Posted by: Anonymous, (IT Systems Engineer), London 28 July 2011

You understood my requirements well and both the process and finished product were excellent.

Posted by: S.V. (General Studies Undergraduate), United Arab Emirates 26 July 2011

Excellent service, as promised and on time.

Posted by: Anonymous 25 July 2011

I have had very good feedback from several recruitment managers and line management on how good the CV is. One comment was adlib 'my that's an impressive CV!'

Posted by: A.A, (Housing Manager), Hampshire 8 July 2011

It was comfortable to talk with you and I was extremely happy with the whole service. Excellent value for money. (repeat customer) 

Posted by: J.B. (Health & Social Care Professional), Gloucestershire 6 June 2011

I got my CV done both times and it was a real success. I received a number of invitations to attend interviews with top Investment Banks and I secured a summer internship with one of them. Eventually I got offered a full time position. The service is very fast and the lady who wrote my CV was friendly but professional. They really understand my needs and I really want to thank them for this.

Posted by: Anonymous, (Accounting and Finance undergraduate) London 24 May 2011

Having used Impressive CVs previously I knew that I would get a high standard of service and was not disappointed. As previously I have very quickly had a great deal of interest from agencies however as I have more specific requirements this time (reduced working hours as I'm now a mum), I know the right job might take some time. But I know I've got the right tool now, which is a great confidence boost. Excellent staff, excellent service, excellent turn-around.

Posted by: E.L. (IT Project Manager, public and private sector), South Yorkshire 21 May 2011

Very efficient service with friendly consultant. Very helpful.

Posted by: Anonymous, (Academic), London 05 May 2011

Professional service and eloquent final product.

Posted by: Anonymous, 29 February 2011

Brilliant. Linda has been really supportive and encouraging. Would not hesitate to recommend to friends.

Posted by: J.B. (Lecturer and Social Educationalist), Gloucestershire 29 February 2011

You understood my requirements well and the finished product was excellent.

Posted by: G.L. (Production Supervisor), Essex 29 February 2011

The personal statement was well done; it's difficult to 'sell' yourself in such strong terms but someone else writing it makes it easy.

Posted by: C.L. (Learning Partnership Manager), Lancashire 29 February 2011

I just wanted to thank you Linda, for your wonderful job and to let you know that I have been invited to 4 interviews out of 5 applications I made. I am sure that the impressive CV you provided me with was a decisive factor in employers' decision to invite me! Thank you so much again.

Posted by: Y.M. (Graduate of Law and Business Management), Oxford 1 February 2011

I am responding to your email to let you know that as a result of the CV you produced I have been able to find a teaching job. Thank you.

Posted by: V.C. (Teacher), London 18 December 2010

Superb, I have now accepted a position in Dubai. Many thanks.

Posted by: P.K. (Specialist Fire Safety Officer), Lancashire 11 December 2010

Very good and concise - service recommended to several friends.

Posted by: S.N. (Nurse), Bristol 4 December 2010

After trying out a number of writing service firms, I feel I have finally arrived to the firm that has it all: proper requirements understanding, excellent output, timely response, and value for money. I do highly recommend Impressive CVs for any writing service you might think of - they are well trusted.

Posted by: L.H. (Engineering Graduate), Jordan 30 November 2010

The process was excellent and the finished product good. Excellent value for money.

Posted by: B.dB. (Sales Professional), Essex 21 October 2010

I am more than impressed with all aspects of the company from the first contact right down to the end result and will be recommending you with the highest praise.

Posted by: C.B. (Various roles in Commercial and Hospitality environments), Chester 15 October 2010

Very professional and all responses were achieved quickly. 

Posted by: N.F. (Sales Professional), Kent 14 October 2010

I am very happy with the help I received from Impressive CVs as I was not very familiar with the whole CV process. My job search has improved significantly since I have started using my CV and now I'm getting jobs running after me not the other way round. Thank you very much for the help.

Posted by: S.A. (Housekeeper and Nanny), London 11 October 2010

I was exceptionally pleased with the professional service and quality of my finished CV. Since receiving my finished CV, I have already received two job offers.

Posted by: A.L. (Supply Supervisor - Military & Private Sector), Cheshire 01 October 2010

An excellent service. Out of 300 applicants for a position I have been targeting, I am in the final shortlist of 20 partly due to my new CV. Many Thanks.

Posted by: Anonymous, (Senior Telecommunications Engineer) West Midlands 29 September 2010

The CV worked well and has helped me secure a substantial new position with a major corporate business.

Posted by: M.H. (Operations Manager), Derbyshire 25 September 2010

Excellent process resulting in instant success, converting approaches into interviews.

Posted by: R.R. (Product Marketing Manager), West Midlands 25 September 2010


Posted by: M.S. (Company Administration Manager), UAE 25 September 2010

I was very pleased with the service and time factor involved in this process. I liked the fact that Tracey kept in contact with me at each stage, to check for my comments, before moving on to the final version.

Posted by: S.R. (Administrator Officer), Gibraltar 23 July 2010

Everything was excellent. Good value for money.

Posted by: D.F. (Executive Sous Chef), Grand Cayman 23 July 2010

A fast, efficient service that saved me a lot of time and hassle. The CV was delivered as promised and alterations made to my requirements by return. As mine was not a straight forward case I would recommend this service to anyone who needs to create impact. I am in the final stages of securing a managerial position with a large national company that will, if I perform well, pay in excess of £50,000 per annum.

Posted by: Anonymous, (Strategic Manager), Warwickshire 23 July 2010

Having worked together now for some years, I feel there is an understanding of my requirements and seldom do I now challenge or change the proposed text. The main effort is expended in getting it right initially and then in following years it is merely an updating process. (Repeat Customer).

Posted by: A.N. (Board Director), London 23 July 2010

Just wanted to let you know that your CV magic has worked again and I've got a new contract that starts tomorrow. It's a HR Business Analyst role with a blue-chip company and I will be working on a project to integrate HR administration activity into a shared service function. I will definitely be back in touch in the next 3 - 6 months to update my CV again.

Posted by: A.H. (IT Project Manager / Business Analyst and Contractor), Surrey 21 June 2010

I had an employer phone me 24 hours after posting my CV on the net. Over the next 2 weeks I received lots of feedback from employers. At the end of those 2 weeks I had met the MD, got a job offer and accepted it. Potent!

Posted by: G.M. (Retail Manager), Midlothian 15 June 2010

You have got an excellent team that provides a very professional service. You were very efficient and productive in terms of time and understanding my background experience. Thanks.

Posted by: Anonymous, (Programme Funding Officer) Bedfordshire 12 June 2010

I would just like to say what an excellent service you have provided. From the moment I called you, I have been so impressed with the standard of service that you offered. I do hope your company will go from strength to strength because you deserve every bit of success you get. Thanks once again for your excellent service and prompt attention to everything.

Posted by: K.S., Hertfordshire 12 June 2010

The process and finished product were excellent. You understood my requirements very well. Good value for money. Posted by: S.L. (Managing Director), Austria 11 June 2010

Just wanted to let you know that Gerry finally got round to applying for a job online last Tuesday. He had an interview on Thursday and was offered the job on Saturday. We are both delighted! I thought the CV was very impressive and professional and when I read it through I knew it was describing Gerry and his skills to a tee. Being able to email it off to a prospective employer with the covering letter was simplicity itself. Thank you very much for the finished article.

Posted by: G.M. (Retail Manager), Edinburgh 04 June 2010

It was all excellent!

Posted by: L.K. (Retail Manager), London 16 April 2010

You understood my requirements well. The process and end product were very good.

Posted by: Anonymous, (Finance Director) Kent 19 March 2010

I did think it was expensive at first, but it was worth it when I saw the finished product. The CV is not just an end in itself, I am using extracts from the CV to complete application forms.

Posted by: W.W.  (Teacher), Kent London 18 March 2010

The process and finished product were both excellent. I am very happy with my CV. Thanks very much for your time and effort.

Posted by: J.W. (Mechanical Engineering Technician), Cleveland 16 March 2010

I am very pleased with my CV. I felt it was very good and required no changes.

Posted by: S.C. (Media Studies student), London 16 March 2010

Everything was excellent.

Posted by: K.H. (Sales Director), Wiltshire 1 March 2010

Thanks so much for the follow up. I have already been to five interviews with my great CV that you reworked on for me. It really left an impression with every company that I sent it to. I have been offered a role at Barclays, thank you.

Posted by: J.A. (Marketeer), Ghana 14 February 2010

I could not have written a more professional CV on my own.

Posted by: K.P. (Nursery Manager and Teacher), Middlesex 14 February 2010

Once again, the process and finished product were excellent.

Posted by: Anonymous, (IT Graduate - Repeat Customer), 25 January 2010

Solid service. Very happy with the results; I have been asked several times about my resume by employers.

Posted by: O.M. (Network/Solutions Architect), London 24 January 2010

An excellent, friendly service; documents produced efficiently and always met the required criteria.

Posted by: Anonymous, (Teacher) 24 January 2010

I must thank you for your prompt, efficient and personable approach to the job. At a time when life was a little overwhelming, you gave me a degree of advice and confidence that I needed. I was never made to feel like a mere number in your list of jobs, and naturally the time that you took to get to know me and assess my needs shines through in the CV that you have produced. I would not hesitate to recommend your service.

Posted by: B.R. (Hospitality Manager), Wiltshire 17 October 2009

Since receiving my final CV and cover letters, I have had two interviews, one of which went very well. If there are any further developments I will keep you informed.

Posted by: R.P. (Marketing and PR Manager), London 17 October 2009

Linda was great and produced me a very 'impressive' CV. 

Posted by: P.S. (Commercial Manager), Hampshire 16 October 2009

Just thought you'd like to know that I've had several positive comments about my CV and have received a very good job offer this week, which I have accepted. The quality of my CV was cited as one of my main strengths during the selection process. So I couldn't be more pleased. Many thanks for your help. I will certainly recommend you to my network.

Posted by: A.F. (Project Manager / Management Consultant), Cheshire 13 October 2009

You understood my requirements very well; both the process and finished product were excellent. Good value for money. Posted by: M.R. (Finance Manager / Senior Accountant), Switzerland 09 October 2009

I found the experience of using your company to be highly professional and you have improved both the look and content of my CV greatly. I would have no hesitation in recommending you to other people.

Posted by: S.G. (Senior Executive), West Yorkshire 21 September 2009

First class service, the lady who gave me the telephone interview did so in a professional manner. I got the first draft very quickly and was very impressed. Would and have recommended the service to people.

Posted by: Anonymous, (IT Systems Administrator) West Midlands 12 September 2009

I have been invited by a couple of agencies to register following the submission of my new CV

Posted by: K.S. (Finance Professional), London 8 September 2009

Both the process and finished product were good, as was your understanding of my requirements.

Posted by: G.O. (Graduate / Social Worker), London 8 September 2009

A superb finished product and excellent professional service.

Posted by: A.O'D. (Facilities Management Professional), Middlesex 7 September 2009

Just thought I would drop you a line and thank you for your services. Your organisation revamped my CV in March/April 2006 of this year. Since then I have had a couple of interviews and I have recently been approached and taken on as a senior fire safety consultancy with an elite consultancy firm in the city. Many thanks for your assistance.

Posted by: R.P. (Fire Safety and Development Professional), Cambridgeshire 1 September 2009

The process and finished product were excellent. My mindset changed from technical buzzwords to non-technical skills and actual deliverables or achievements.

Posted by: M.G. (IT Support Professional) ,London 14 August 2009

The process was excellent and I am very pleased with my CV. 

Posted by: A.C. (Senior Manager), Lincolnshire 2 August 2009

I am extremely pleased with my CV and cover letters; a professional job well done. Excellent value for money. Thanks again.

Posted by: R.H. (Managing Director in Manufacturing & Engineering), Staffordshire 1 August 2009

This is the second time I have used Impressive CVs, this time I wanted to change from a Sales Role to Management. At my interview comment was made how good the CV was and that it was clearly targeted to the position I was after. I have been offered the position as a National Corporate Manager in a top 100 company, with a very attractive package. I will come back again when I need updating. Many thanks.

Posted by: I.C. (Security Officer), Hampshire 1 July 2009

The company came across as being totally professional in every aspect of the service being offered. They know what they are doing.

Posted by: M.K. (Lead Electrician), Hampshire 19 June 2009

Everything was excellent, from the process through to the finished product. I could not ask for a better CV. Excellent value for money.

Posted by: M.H. (Journalist and Editor), Spain 16 June 2009

What can I say? You exceeded all my expectations! The consultation was thorough and professional, my CV was delivered on time, and I got the job I was after. What more can someone ask for?

Posted by: M.G. (Senior Manager), Middlesex 15 May 2009

I have been extremely impressed by the quality of your service, the professionalism of the organisation, and with the end product. I now have a CV that I can be proud of. Thank you.

Posted by: T.W. (Senior Executive), London 3 May 2009

Everything was excellent - a very good service.

Posted by: R.P. (Chartered Engineer), Stoke onTrent 16 April 2009

A great team to work with - the personal touch says it all! I felt very confident that I was getting great value for my money and felt that although Impressive CVs were writing my CV - I never felt like a number.

Posted by: K.D.S. (Practice Manager), Somerset 14 April 2009

I was nervous and afraid to get out into the work place. You made me feel confident again - thank you.

Posted by: L.M. (Consultant), London 13 April 2009

I found the whole process very professional and done with the minimum of fuss; it has also provided me with a valuable tool in my career prospects.

Posted by: D.S. (Transport and Distribution Specialist), Warwickshire 24 March 2009

Within 4 hours of presenting my new CV by e-mail I had a full response and phone call from the CEO of a firm I was targeting - your service is amazing! I have pushed you to 3 colleagues already.

Posted by: Anonymous, (Commercial Director), Portugal 12 March 2009

Worth every penny!

Posted by: Anonymous, (Business Consultant), Hampshire 9 March 2009

The whole procedure was very professionally dealt with right from the discussion over the CV through to the submission of the draft. There was very little to change on the first draft so I found the process suited my requirements with the minimum of fuss. All very professionally run in respect of web site, payment and final product.

Posted by: Anonymous, (Administration/Hotel Manager) Cambridgeshire 10 February 2009

The process was excellent. Good value for money once again.

Posted by: S.P. (Repeat Customer - Graduate), London 9 February 2009

Fantastic service...friendly, professional and value for money!

Posted by: J.W.P. (Medical Professional), Wiltshire 1 February 2009

My new CV is opening all the right doors and has also given me the extra confidence to apply for the top jobs; the rest is now up to me! Everything you promised to do was done and on time, a very rare phenomenon these days! Thanks ladies for the encouragement and for a great job done.

Posted by: M.P. (Office Manager), Middlesex 18 January 2009

The process and product were both excellent. Your firm was a pleasure to deal with

Posted by: Anonymous, (Sales Director), Middlesex 18 January 2009

Very professional. I liked that you gave me an appraisal before ordering, so I was able to see what you thought was wrong. Very satisfied and will come back again and tell me friends about it. As far as my job search is progressing I am happy to say it is over and I found what I was looking for. The CV played a huge role in it I am sure.

Posted by: Anonymous, (Senior Network Engineer), Switzerland 15 January 2009

A fast efficient and personal service.

Posted by: A.I. (General Manager), Scotland 12 January 2009

The process and the service were first class. They reviewed my background CV information thoroughly and structured the CV in the most effective way. The new CV generated 3 interviews and the last interview resulted in a job offer. Impressive CVs offered a very professional, reliable and friendly service, with a thorough understanding of the requirements. I highly recommend Impressive CVs, especially to those more mature candidates. Thanks very much.

Posted by: T.T. (Supply Chain / Logistics Solution Manager), Cheshire11 January 2009

I was very pleased, especially with my cover letter. My consultant was very helpful and encouraging. I would recommend this service to others.

Posted by: N.M. (Photographer), London 08 December 2008

I was struggling to produce a CV that was really right for me - one that highlighted both my achievements and my aspirations. Your input was a real inspiration and I'm now in a much better place. I have incorporated the vast majority of your suggestions and as a result, the end product is great. Thanks also for your time and understanding - you have been so reliable and I never had to chase you once!! So thanks again - I am very grateful for your help.

Posted by: N.R. (Senior Executive), West Sussex 28 November 2008

The first copy of this CV I used has got me an interview and I have now just had a verbal offer from the Company. The job is with an ISP doing exactly what I set out to do.

Posted by: J.B. (Software Engineer & Solutions Designer), Stafford 04 November 2008

I found the initial free review of my CV to be very comprehensive so I was confident from the start that I was going to be pleased with the finished product. This service is miles ahead of any other I have heard or read about. The perfect use of language and voice on my CV made me proud to read it myself, which is something I have never experienced with a CV of my own. CV writing IS most definitely an art. I would advise anybody to use this service.

Posted by: P.C. (Environmental Management Graduate), Wirral , 30 October 2008

Worked well with the information to hand producing a very workable and professional document containing all the relevant information. Excellent!

Posted by: M.B. (Senior Manager), Zimbabwe 26 October 2008

The finished product was good and the process, excellent.

Posted by: L.C. (Senior Executive), Dorset 23 October 2008

Everything was excellent. An object lesson in allowing professionals to provide a service, that I could not have got even close to had I attempted to do it myself.

Posted by: T.P. (Managing Director), Derbyshire 21 October 2008

I have been delighted with the work you have done and was very pleased with the 'finished article'. It gave me the confidence to start applying for jobs. Feedback has been excellent. I have recommended you to family and friends, for when they find themselves in that situation.

Posted by: T.W. (Executive PA), Coventry 06 October 2008

The process and product were good. Excellent value for money.

Posted by: A.N. (IT Project Manager), Reading 05 October 2008

The product, process and service were all excellent.

Posted by: F.B. (Duty Manager), Hampshire 03 October 2008

The whole process was excellent. Very friendly and quick with an excellent end product.

Posted by: A.M. (Legal Professional), Edinburgh 29 September 2008

A 1st class service and a pleasure to work with - highly recommended.

Posted by: R.H. (Training Centre Manager), Berkshire 29 September 2008

I found the service excellent and Linda was very patient and helpful in getting the final CV right! I have referred the company to a number of people including my brother, who I know will be in touch. The job search is going well. The CV always gets me the interviews. Have yet to secure something either here in Dubai or in the UK but have a number of interviews lined up next week.

Posted by: S.M. (HR Professional), Dubai 28 September 2008

The entire process was quick and efficient; the staff members who assisted me, were kind and caring.

Posted by: Anonymous, (Under-Graduate), 27 September 2008

Excellent service and I was very impressed both with the consultant helping me with my CV and the finished document. You called when you said you would and the document was ready on schedule.

Posted by: Anonymous, (Project Manager), Bristol 17 August 2008

The final draft of my cover letter was fantastic. Good value for money.

Posted by: N.N. (IT Support Professional and Repeat Customer), Surrey 16 August 2008

The process and finished product were excellent.

Posted by: K. N. (Graduate), West Midlands 16 August 2008

I am very pleased with the result that Impressive CVs has produced. It is a well written, organised, and consistent CV. Excellent value for money.

Posted by: S.VDE. (Marketing Research Consultant), London 16 August 2008

I just wanted to thank you guys (Sue especially) for doing my CV. You will be happy to know that I got the job I was looking for and I think you guys are a big reason why I got it. When I first looked at the cost, I originally thought it was a bit expensive. Looking back, however, I think you guys are worth every penny. When I sent the CV out, it only took a short while to get a multiple responses from several companies. Within a month, I had the job I wanted. I feel relieved and thank you once again for your support.

Posted by: M.G. (Sales Consultant), London 18 July 2008

This was a terrifically professional service that was very easy to use!

Posted by: J.W.P. (MD/Clinical Director), Wiltshire 15 July 2008

I am delighted with my new CV and believe it will make a necessary difference getting a great new job by speeding up the search process and set me apart from other candidates.

Posted by: F.F. (Editor), London 14 July 2008

Very impressed with the overall process, it was both professional and efficient. I was delighted with the finished product. Posted by: S.F. (Contact Centre Manager), Bristol 14 July 2008

Overall a good service; it was all dealt with in a prompt and professional manner from all at your offices.

Posted by: Anonymous, (Hospitality Manager) Worcestershire 02 July 2008

I was very pleased with the final version of my CV. The whole process was very easy to undertake from beginning to end. My consultant was friendly, professional, and she gave me all the help that I required. I would not hesitate to use your services or recommend you to friends in the future. Thank you.

Posted by: L.D. (Assistant Accountant), Flintshire 01 July 2008

This was the first time I used a Consultant for my CV, and it was so impressive!! Great Job.

Posted by: N.N. (IT Support Professional), Surrey 07 June 2008

I posted my CV on a couple of websites on Monday and by 10am on Tuesday, I received 3 calls for potential positions. I have had excellent feedback on the CV; it makes me look very good! Very thorough, professional and friendly service - I will definitely use you again in the future.

Posted by: E.L. (Project Manager), West Sussex 06 June 2008

You turned a job history into a very strong CV. Although it seemed initially to be an expensive product - the finished product delivers and was well worth it. Thank you.

Posted by: K.T. (Store Manager), Bedfordshire 18 May 2008

Just wanted to let you know that I got the first job I interviewed for -with such an impressive CV I had a choice. Thank you for making that happen!

Posted by: J.R. (Retail Operations Manager), Kenilworth 05 May 2008

Once again, 101%. (Repeat customer)

Posted by: F.R. (Business Advisor), Somerset 29 April 2008

Just wanted to say thanks for all the work you have done on my CV. Shortly after I posted it on the net, I got 3 interviews and 2 job offers, one of which I took resulting in 40% increase in my salary. Best £100 I ever spent.

Posted by: R.B. (Senior Test Analyst), Buckinghamshire 04 April 2008

Both the process and the finished product were excellent. Good value for money.

Posted by: C.G. (Sales and Marketing Director), Hampshire 21 March 2008

I have used my CV a few times and I have received 3 enquiries. They were very impressed with my CV and so far I had one offer. I was very impressed with my CV and I would not hesitate to recommend your service to my friends. Thank you. Posted by: W.B. (Project Officer), Surrey 17 March 2008

Your consultant was absolutely wonderful. She gave me plenty of time, was very attentive and left me feeling like a real professional even before the CV came through. She really seemed interested in getting my details right and making the best of my experience, instead of telling my life history! When I got the CV back I was totally confident of getting an interview (and this is no small job I am applying for). Interview is coming up next month.

Posted by: T.J. (Qualifications Manager), London 09 March 2008

The coaching interview on the phone was excellent. I worked with a professional who gave me all the questions and answers I need to be effective in all my interviews. This session gave me a lot of confidence and one of my interviewers remarked to the agency that it was clear I was a professional communicator. In my first interview, after 8.5 years, I came second and was only pipped to the post by someone who had worked in the industry. The second organisation I met with offered me a job role after successfully progressing through three rounds of interviews. I have already recommended Impressive CVs to my friends. The interview coaching was incredibly powerful. Finally, the recruitment agency said my CV was one of the best they had seen which had also been created by Impressive CVs.

Posted by: C.B. (Marketing Manager), Middlesex 09 March 2008

The process and finished product were excellent - I got the job and start in April. I was very impressed and I would definitely recommend and use your services again.

Posted by: A.H. (IT Project Manager), London 09 March 2008

A great, polite service - very happy with the end result. Good value for money.

Posted by: Anonymous 09 March 2008

Superb personal contact which led to a CV catered specifically for its intended purpose and which was beyond my expectations.

Posted by: A.L. (Graduate), London 01 March 2008

The process and finished product were excellent.

Posted by: M.R. (Engineer), Derbyshire 25 February 2008

The service was fast, efficient and first class! I was extremely impressed with the finished product and I have had very positive feedback from companies that I have sent it to. So much so, that the interviews are lining up as I type!

Posted by: J.S. (Financial Analyst), Swindon 24 February 2008

I required a cover letter, which was excellent - thank you very much for your help with this. I may think about having my CV done next.

Posted by: L.W. (Administrative Specialist), Kent 24 February 2008

I was thoroughly impressed by the service and the quality of the finished product. As someone who is very busy, preparing a CV is something I never seemed to find the time to do. I am pleased I left it to the professionals; it has not only saved me time and money, but my CV reflects my skills and achievements in the best possible light. Thank you for all you help.

Posted by: M.G. (Marketing Director), London 10 February 2008

Excellent CV, and when I use it to look for alternative employment I'm sure I won't have any problems with employers offering me positions.

Posted by: H.B. (Graduate), Middlesex 3 February 2008

I was very impressed by the finished product. Tracey did an excellent job of transforming my CV. Very professional service and definitely good value for money.

Posted by: A.C.  (Broadcast Assistant), Oxfordshire 18 January 2008

You did exactly what you said you would, precise, and friendly. The lady who personally dealt with me was punctual and very understanding with my specific requirements, thanks. The process and finished product were excellent. 

Posted by: A.L. (Graduate, Hampshire) 14 January 2008

I found the process very good once I had had a telephone consultation. The finished product was excellent.

Posted by: A.C. (Manufacturing Manager), Kent 14 January 2008

Excellent product overall. Well worth the money.

Posted by: D.T. (Aeronautical Engineer), Angus 07 January 2008

I must apologise for taking so long to provide you with feedback, but I have been so inundated with offers of employment since you did my CV, that I have just not had the time. I cannot begin to tell you how impressed I have been with your service and the finished product, thank you so much.

Posted by: A.C. (Programme Manager), Hampshire 04 January 2008

I needed a CV within short timescales for a specific vacancy. Great job and delivered on time; a good service that I was very impressed with.

Posted by: Anonymous, (Purchasing Manager), Middlesex 22 December 2007

Both the process and the finished product were excellent. Feedback from one recipient on the new CV was "sexy".

Posted by: L.T. (Systems Implementation Manager), Berkshire 22 December 2007

The service and communication have been excellent from the initial contact, through to the completed CV. Very pleased with the outcome.

Posted by: M. H. (Service Centre Manager), Hertfordshire 19 December 07

The finished product is quite excellent and has already brought results. Thank you. Tracey was very helpful and patient and provided an outstanding interface for your company.

Posted by: P.S. (Senior Executive), Lancashire 11 December 07

It was weird not putting a face to the email conversations I had with Tracey, as I am use to dealing with people face to face especially in such circumstances. However the process worked very well and it was quick.

Posted by: N.G. (Graduate), London 06 December 07

I was in a real hurry and Linda was extremely thorough. I had been anxious that neither my CV nor covering letter would sound like me, but the finished product was excellent. Great value for money.

Posted by: A.S., London 02 December 07

I have been very impressed with the CV and cover letter. I have much more confidence now when sending out my CV and truly believe that I am able to win the interview and get a job. Everything has been put into the right words. Brilliant service - thank you.

Posted by: E.S., London 25 November 07

I immediately realised that my CV needed serious improvement from the first feedback I received; Impressive CVs has then gathered my requirements effectively and transformed them in an excellent CV. The process was professional and very helpful.

Posted by: A.M., Middlesex  24 November 07

The finished product was first-class and the process, very good. Thanks for the very professional CV, I have received 3 job offers since using your CV and have just recommended you to a friend.

Posted by: Anonymous, Staffordshire, 17 November 07

Very prompt and highly responsive service. Will go the extra mile including working at the weekend to meet a tight deadline. Excellent value for money.

Posted by: I.B., Merseyside, 17 November 07

The process, the service and the end product were all excellent.

Posted by: B.R., Chelmsford 16 November 07

Overall very happy. Job hunting is going slowly but I have got an interview on Tuesday. Thanks for your help.

Posted by: Anonymous, Surrey 12 November 07

The CV was very good and the process excellent. You've made a better job at selling myself than I could.

Posted by: M.A., Lancashire 12 November 07

The service was excellent. Fantastic CV! You have done your job now it's down to me.

Posted by: A.F., Warrington 30 October 07

I was very impressed with the finished article as I expected I would have to work harder with you to get the CV exactly right. But it was 95% there first time, which I was very impressed with.

Posted by: A.N., London 28 October 07

At last - inspiration for my CV!

Posted by: F.R., Somerset 28 October 07

An excellent, personalised service. I thought a great deal of time and energy was spent on my actual requirements. The finished product was a masterpiece. Thank you.

Posted by: C.A., Surrey 28 October 07

I have been very pleased with the results of your CV. The process was very simple and I left it up to you to create the final document. As a result, I have now got my new job and am starting soon. I will be recommending your service to others in the future.

Posted by: S.P., West Sussex 27 October 07

The CV service was very fast. Actually much faster than I expected and I had trouble keeping up with you! The end product completely met my requirements and produced results from the very first time I used the CV.

Posted by: M.L., Sweden 27 October 07

Very professional result. Would have been wasting my time with anything of a lower standard. Excellent value for money.

Posted by: R.E., London 26 October 07

A professional, reliable and prompt service that I would recommend to others.

Posted by: Anonymous, Essex 26 October 07

My consultant, Linda, asked all the relevant questions to ensure that my new CV highlighted my skills and achievements. It was incredibly easy dealing with Impressive CVs. The online order form is quick and simple to use. The consultants are friendly and put you at ease. They respond quickly and efficiently to your queries. My CV was ready in a matter of days. My new Impressive CV has certainly impressed potential employers. The name says it all - Impressive. I will definitely be recommending you.

Posted by: J. H., Northamptonshire 26 October 07

I am extremely pleased with my new CV, many thanks.

Posted by: Anonymous, Wiltshire 11 October 07

The finished product was excellent. Good value for money!

Posted by: G.H., Kent 18 October 07

As a contractor, my CV requirements will differ slightly from those of a permanent job seeker. In an ideal world, I would tailor the CV towards each contract, but I would be keen to avoid this due to the maintenance overhead. I am happy to use the CV you produced with the odd tweak and emphasis shift. I am very pleased with the document and the process was excellent.

Posted by: Anonymous, Ireland 18 October 07

You did a good job in putting across my capabilities in a way I would have struggled to do so. The process was very efficient and easy which was very important for me given I have been very stressed trying to close the office and do my job at the same time - I felt that a great burden was lifted from me. The finished product was very professional and very impressive and I now feel confident at all times presenting my CV for any job I want to apply for. Definitely worth the money and great value for peace of mind. I think you probably exceeded my expectations.

Posted by: J.G., Cheshire 18 October 07

In one conversation you pretty much picked up on my expertise and personality! Pretty good. CV looks good and reads well - I like it.

Posted by: Anonymous, London 8 October 07

The first draft I received was excellent, after a few returned comments and a telephone conversation with Sue the resulting CV was just what I required. Since using the CV I have had far more interest in myself and I am hopeful of finding a position in the very near future.

Posted by: Anonymous, Stocktonon Tees 6 October 07

The finished product was excellent. Thanks for all your help.

Posted by: R.S., London 6 October 07

The process and the finished product were excellent. I am really impressed with the CV.

Posted by: B.C., Lancashire 6 October 07

I was very unsure with having my CV done over the Internet and without a meeting but it was very good, I was surprised.

Posted by: D. B., Kent 6 October 07

Found the whole process painless and extremely worthwhile. Excellent value for money.

Posted by: N.S.,West Yorkshire 5 October 07

Your service has been very good; a succinct new CV.

Posted by: Anonymous, Hertfordshire 5 October 07

The process was excellent and I a very happy with the final product. Many thanks for all the help given.

Posted by: T.T., Surrey 29 September 07

Overall the service that you have given was excellent. Prompt, efficient and patient (It makes a change for someone in the service industry to chase the customer to give them what they paid for!). I have been called forward for one interview and believe I will be called forward by Harvey Nash. On the 'declines' that I received, I contacted them to ask why and two of them said I was a strong candidate, but wanted someone who had more in depth experience of working at Blue Chips. They both commented on how good my CV was and how strong my cover letter was and it was a close thing to being asked for an interview. Many thanks, I will certainly use you again and would happily recommend you.

Posted by: M.G., Surrey 27 September 07

The final product was really good - excellent value for money.

Posted by: S.dJ., Doncaster 25 September 07

I was extremely pleased with my CV - I couldn't believe how good you made me sound!! Thank you so much.

Posted by: J.P., Berkshire 15 September 07

It was very easy to explain what I needed and expected. After a few interactions, I received a CV which represents my skills, profile and experience very well. Not being native in English and living abroad, it was a great advantage to be presented professionally in my CV.

Posted by: M.G., Sweden 08 September 07

I secured an Interim FD job inLondonwithin days of you redoing my CV - thanks so much.

Posted by: J.K., Cambridge 06 September 07

Very pleased with the CV. It has everything I wanted on there and the process was a lot easier than I thought it would be. Thank you very much.

Posted by: Anonymous, Lincolnshire 06 September 07

The process was very supportive, the finished product professional and concise. You exceeded my expectations!

Posted by: A.C., Hampshire 02 September 07

As a career changer, I really needed some help to make a CV that could bridge the gap between my old and my new jobs. Impressive CVs created a CV that streamlined my experience without losing out on all the detail and highlighted my transferable skills. Three days after sending out my CV, I was contacted for a work experience placement< which now looks like turning into a job.

Posted by: E.I., Fife 31 August 07

The process was good and the finished product, excellent. Thanks.

Posted by: S.B., West Midlands 27 August 07

An extremely simple process with a very impressive end result, which would have taken me months to write without getting close to the finished product. The company name is very apt!

Posted by: C.M., Kent 25 August 07

The CV was excellent. Thanks very much for the great service.

Posted by: Anonymous, WestSussex 25 August 07

The overall process was excellent and the service provided, first-class. I am approaching the job market with a great deal of confidence owing to the strength of my CV.

Posted by: Anonymous, 19 August 07

A very good service, you really understood my needs and requirements. I appreciate your efforts throughout the process.

Posted by: H.W., Australia 03 August 07

Very professional organisation. The CV was as I wanted and I would certainly recommend your service. You were able to describe what I had done in a much better light than I would have been able to

Posted by: A.C., Hampshire 31 July 07

A very efficient, personalised service. The finished product was excellent, good value for money.

Posted by: P.W., Hampshire 26 July 07

Would definitely recommend your service to fellow colleagues. Results were as expected and the money spent, worthwhile. The CV is getting the responses I want and the interviews are coming in thick and fast.

Posted by: I.K., Middlesex 26 July 07

Outstanding results! The amount of interviews I am getting speaks for itself, I am having to be careful not to double book interviews! You have more than exceeded my expectations - your service was fast, professional and excellent value for money. I actually reapplied for a position with my new CV that I had previously had no response from, I am now at final stage interview. Well worth every penny. I will happily provide a personal reference to any potential customers.

Posted by: M.O., Hampshire 24 July 07

Brilliantly worded professional CV. On submitting to 7 advertised vacancies, I received 5 interviews and have had 2 job offers! Thanks!!

Posted by: A.S., Berkshire 23 July 07

The consultation was excellent, the finished product was excellent and the process was excellent - cannot fault you!

Posted by: M.C., Lincolnshire 23 July 07

You produced an excellent CV, one that exceeded my expectations. Once again, thank you for the good job you have done for me.

Posted by: A.M., Berkshire 13 July 07

Great Service! I will certainly recommend you to my friends. A very professional company.

Posted by: C.W., Middlesex 13 July 07

Very impressed with the finished CV. Excellent value for money.

Posted by: D.J., Hampshire 13 July 07

You exceeded my expectations and I am very happy with the result. Excellent value for money.

Posted by: J.D., Hampshire 6 July 07

You understood my requirements very well and I found the process excellent. Overall, my CV was magic and well written. Thank you.

Posted by: C.A., Gloucester 2 July 07

Polite attitude, great results, will be getting job soon, many thanks!!

Posted by: Anonymous, London 24 June 07

The process and the finished product were excellent. Regarding the job search, I was invited for an interview for the job thanks to the cover letter you helped me with. I really appreciated the quality of the work you did. Thanks a lot!

Posted by: Anonymous, Slough 19 June 07

Both the process and the finished product were excellent. My CV has certainly made an impact as my recruitment consultants have taken notice and are confident of finding me Temporary or Permanent positions. I have an interview this week with one of the large Corporate Banks, so my CV certainly has attracted attention despite my chequered work history.

Posted by: Anonymous, Liverpool 24 May 07

The CV was very well written and the process, efficient. A very good job and excellent value for money.

Posted by: Anonymous, London 24 May 07

Very professional, Tracey's experience was self-evident in the questions she asked. I needed my CV really quickly, my new CV and covering letter helped me secure an interview (with a company which wasn't advertising for staff) within 24 hours. Highly recommended. The website doesn't convey how excellent the service is. With reference to value for money, "I paid more for my CV last time through a competitor, and it wasn't half as good as this one". My expectations have been exceeded!

Posted by: B.H., Wiltshire 7 May 2007

Top-quality work that was provided punctually and followed up religiously.

Posted by: S.K., Australia 14 April 07

I contacted Impressive CVs having had a bad experience with another high profile WEB based company who boasted a range of services but delivered little. What I received from Impressive CVs was just that, an impressive CV that was tailored to what I was seeking. From 18 years Military background and 10 years of running a small shop I was looking for a Field Sales role. I have been offered a Sales Manager job with earning potential of £70k, on my second interview. I have had to turn down 3 other interviews that were in the diary.

Posted by: I.C., Hampshire 2 April 07

1st class service at a very!! competitive price. The best £xx I have spent while looking for a new job.

Posted by: R.P., Hampshire 29 March 07

I was very impressed with my CV, much better than anything I could have written myself! Hopefully, it will put me in a better position when applying for jobs.

Posted by: Anonymous, Cardiff 4 March 07

A minimum of input required from myself other than the initial details provided. Really impressed with the turnaround, which was what was important as I had a meeting arranged at short notice. Excellent value for money.

Posted by: Anonymous, Flintshire 23 February 07

Your service was very fast and efficient. It was also cheap so I was able to afford to order more than one Cover Letter. I found other CV companies more expensive.

Posted by: O.R., London 21 February 07

Very pleased with the general layout and structure of the finished product.

Posted by: S.M., Cambridge 3 February 07

It is nice to deal with a "proper person", first class service.

Posted by: G.J., Hampshire 28 January 07

An efficient service with a good end product.

Posted by: R.G., London 2 January 07

Your CV got me in front of a Managing Director, and I have since been offered the job I wanted. Best £xx I have ever spent.

Posted by: G.J., Hampshire

Throughout the process I was dealt with professionally. The advice I received with regards to my particular requirements was sound and the finished product was what I had expected

Posted by: A.N., Surrey

I thought the service I received was great and I'd definitely recommend your company to others. On the job front, I received a call from a company this morning inviting me to interview, so that's good!

Posted by: R.D., Cardiff